Privacy policy

This page describes what personal information this jabber server stores and what happens with your data. If there are any questions, please contact us

General privacy statement
Generally this service is not aimed to store or gather information about person, log conversations, or engage in any other behavior that would compromise your privacy and security in any way. The goal of this j4bb3r service is to offer a secure service, however the XMPP/Jabber services need to store some kind of information so that the services can be used, e.g. there is a need to store (encrypted) passwords so that you can logon to our services. Furthermore there are no personal information like name or addresses stored. Certainly we do not give or sell data to any third party. No advertisements are being sent to the users of this service. Please note that if we are forced by law (with a court order) to cooperate with law enforcement agencies we will (have to). In case of such an order, we are legally forced to cooperate, even if we do not like. You are of course, advised to encrypt your conversations with OTR, GPG or any other technology for end-to-end encrytion. 

Account information
The following data is stored when using our XMPP/Jabber services:

  • Jabber ID (= JID, username and domain, e.g. <user> used to identify your account
  • Jabber and transport passwords (Jabber passwords are stored as hashed SCRAM-SHA-1)
  • Your eMail address (if given) to enable to reset your password in case you loose it
  • Timestamp of account creation and when the account was last used (to delete unused accounts after one year without any login)
  • Contact list
  • Offline messages (Private messages are instant messages that you send to other XMPP/Jabber users on our or other servers. If your messages are sent through other services then it is possible that those services can log your messages, and we do not have control over those services. However, your messages are never intentionally logged here on our server. If you are not online when someone sends you a message, the message is stored on our server for delivery when you log in again. After delivery, the offline messages are deleted automatically and also before the expiry of the specified retention period on our server.)
  • Any data which the XMPP/Jabber client saves on the server, e.g. vCards
  • In certain cases IP addresses (We log IP addresses from failed login attempts. Also we reserve the right to block specific IP addresses as well as whole IP address ranges that threatened or may thread our services and to keep a list of such offending IP addresses. This list of blacklisted IPs will not be made public.)
  • If your client uses XEP-0313: Message Archive Management, your chat messages are stored for 21 days.
  • If your client uses XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload, your file uploads are stored for at most 31 days. Note that some clients only store an encrypted version of the file.

In order to prevent service interruptions, we back up data related to our services. These backups include system backups, configuration files and databases. The databases are backed up every two hours to a remote location but they are GPG encrypted before they are saved securely. These backups are stored for 7 days, not longer. 

This server is subjected to the laws and regulations of Austria.